Sloan's Lake

The Sloan’s Lake neighborhood features a range of home styles and prices for those drawn to the city’s largest and most beautiful lake. Bounded by West 26th & West 13th Avenues, Federal and Sheridan, the neighborhood is an epicenter for urban renewal, with major redevelopment at the old St. Anthony’s site, along West Colfax and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Many new restaurants, breweries, housing, and a new Alamo Drafthouse theatre are coming within the next few years, and will join the new library a few blocks away. Residents enjoy easy access to light rail, and the three-mile bike-and-pedestrian path around the lake. Great shopping and restaurants are also close by in the popular Berkeley
& Highlands neighborhoods.

Sloan's Lake Market Activity

Total Active Listings: 72
Average Listing Price: $835,836
Highest Listing Price: $3,300,000
Lowest Listing Price: $3,650

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